The Tools for a Great Marriage Book

Having equipped engaged and married couples for more than 40 years, Willie Batson has written two books containing marital tools that can help any couple build a satisfying and lasting relationship. “Couples enter marriage with their own bag of tools,” says Willie, “but are frustrated by their attempts at fixing things. They either have the wrong tools or do not use the tools properly.” Having the right tools in your marital tool bag can help you build and sustain a great marriage.



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Tools for a Great Marriage


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What are others saying about Tools for a Great Marriage?


Dr. Gary D. Chapman:

Dr. Gary D. Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, wrote the Foreword in Tools for a Great Marriage and had this to say about the book:

“Whether you are studying this book as part of a small group experience or the two of you are simply working through it as husband and wife, you will discover not only the tools, but also the knowledge of how to use those tools to build a great marriage. The dreams you had when you said, ‘I do,’ can become reality when you apply the insights provided in Tools for a Great Marriage.”


Claudia & David Arp:

Claudia & David Arp, international marriage educators and award-winning authors of the 10 Great Dates series, had these words about the new book:

“In Tools for a Great Marriage, Willie Batson gives you the blueprint for building your marriage on God’s principles in a format that is simple, clear, practical, and easy to apply. This is a book that husbands will enjoy reading. Follow-up questions set the stage for great couple’s times together. We highly recommend that you put Tools for a Great Marriage on the top of your reading (and doing) list!”


  • “We maintain our cars, why not our marriages? This is a great resource for improving your good marriage into a great marriage.”
  • “My husband and I wish we had known about these easy to use tools when we were first married. You will find that they can make an incredible difference in your marriage. Don’t wait until your marriage is in trouble. Start now to build a great marriage!”
  • “Great book to use to help your marriage. We use it in mentoring couples that are newly married and also couples going through tough times.”
  • “I witnessed it work in building stronger closer marriages in the small group I was in. I was happy to be able to pass it on to others.”
  • “This book is a great tool to help you and your spouse grow spiritually together in Christ. It’s an easy read with lots of information that is crucial to obtaining a Great Marriage. I am currently teaching a class on this book and it is both fun and intuitive.”