On this page are teaching videos from Willie Batson, President of Family Builders Ministries. Click on the picture to open the video.

Power of Grace Workshop
“The Power of Grace in Marriage” – This workshop was presented on October 25, 2013 at the Eastern Regional Association of Advent Christian Churches.

Building Blocks for Raising Great Adults
“Building Blocks for Raising Great Adults” – Did you know that, if you are a parent, you are raising adults — not children? That’s right! They are children without any help from you, but if you want them to become great adults it takes hard work on your part as a parent. The child is the raw material. The adult is the finished product.

Sailing Through the Storms
“Sailing Through the Storms” – This video message was recorded as Willie Batson spoke at the Alton Bay (NH) Christian Conference Center on August 26, 2012. Using Mark 4:35-41 as his text, he shares what he has learned from this experience in the life of Jesus and his disciples that can help us sail through the storms of life.

Give Thanks for Your Spouse
“Give Thanks for Your Spouse” – Willie Batson talks about having an attitude of gratitude for your spouse and your marriage as an essential quality of a grace-based marriage.

Marriage Oneness & Exclusivity
This is an older video of Willie Batson, President of Family Builders Ministries, as he was speaking at a church in Kennebunk, ME on the purpose of marriage. This clip includes a funny story about Adam & Eve related to exclusivity in marriage. (Technical note:  The sound quality is not as good as we wanted, but we think it’s adequate.)